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EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL, races, genders, religions and GLBT

I certainly agree with what you said. My 3 closest girl friends are black--one is retired from a career in the Air force. She is a black Buddhist woman who is married to a white guy with wonderful red hair. Their kids are beautiful! Another one  of my black girlfriends is lesbian and the 3rd friend went through busing to a white school in East Texas and had to endure all kinds of threats and being  jeered at.

None of the 3 friends wants to be called "African-American". Instead-they prefer being referred to as  "Black Americans" or " Black" = as in Black is beautiful .

My best guy friend, "E", is a gay nurse and I just love him to death. I have 2 gay nephews as well and many GLBT patients. If we are to have" freedom for all" that needs to include GLBT folks having the same rights to marriage, insurance benefits and to be treated as a legitimate spouse.

There is a Minister- who knows what faith-who has made it his duty to protest against Gays and against Jews. He blames the Jews for the Holocaust and say God was punishing them for killing Christ. Also Aids is God's way to punish gay people. He has announced he will visit Dallas in July and plans protests at the major Jewish centers here and one protest at a Jewish Gay and Lesbian center.Scary man!

I respect his right to have freedom of speech.. ......but I squirm in my chair at the content of his anger. Seems to me a minister "should" be looking at things from a loving and caring perspective not an angry and accusing stance.
I guess it is time for me to get off my soap box and finish the laundry :0)

by "N" June 22, 2010