The Evolution of Prayer In and Through Human Consciousness

     We live in a relative universe of duality, materiality, space and time.  One aspect of this relative universe is it is undergoing constant change.  Our universe and everything in it is evolving into something new and different.

Human consciousness or our soul, although not part of the relative universe, is also evolving and changing.  A part of our soul growth is an evolution in understanding of the nature of God.  The premise here is that as our understanding or concept of God evolves, so too does our approach to prayer.  There appears to be four distinct levels or stages of this evolution.  Perhaps more will follow as we continue our soul growth.

God ConceptApproach to Prayer

   Stage 1  God of the Old Testament; ruler, judgePrayer of Intercession:
supernatural being, loving but also pleading, begging,
punishing and vengeful.  A god of bargaining form.

     Stage 2   God of the New Testament; loving parentPrayer of Petition:
giving, caring, compassionate, but still a asking, claiming,
god of  form.believing, trusting.

     Stage 3   God of the new thought movement, mentalConsciousness
science, transcendentalism.  God is Mind,expanding prayer; 
Principle, First Cause, Creator.  No longer ause of affirmations,
god of form, somewhat impersonal, but visualizations, but
totally dependable. based on human need

     As we move beyond Stage 3, a fundamental shift in consciousness takes place. 
In Stage 4, we leave our human needs and wants “outside” and seek only to experience God as Presence.

     Stage 4  God of the mystic, a loving presence to beNon-directed prayer 
experienced from within as universalof silence, without  words
consciousness, infinite energy, the life force,or thoughts, without need
and omnipresent spirit.or wants, except to commune with the
Infinite, with God.

Written by David Smith of Oxford, Mississippi
      retired Minister of Unity Church and presently the Co-Leader of SPAFER in Ocford
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