Christianity Mired
in the dogma of the past
“Christianity seems to be stuck and afraid to let its religious beliefs evolve into something new.  But that is what mankind has always done throughout the entire history of the world.  So our job is to break the log jam in our present thoughts about Religion, God, and Life itself, and let the new ideas and concepts about these things emerge as they will.”  ---Jim High
Jim High is the Tupelo organizer of the SPAFER Group (South Points Association For Exploring Religion).  The first Saturday of each Month a group of open minded women and men gather at the Confrence Room of CREATE Foundation at about 9:30 am for coffee and doughnut holes before the program begins at 10:00 am.
The Programs are usually focused on contemporary views of religion and religious activities.  Streaming video from the web, DVDs and guest speakers place ideas before the group and free, forward thinking ideas and reactions are discussed.
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