Collected Wisdom
      Life's experiences have taught me that  people try to prove Personal Beliefs by using scripture out of context or misinterpreting it all together. They think they can extract verses found anywhere in The Bible, whether it is relevant to the topic or not, and manipulate it to prove their point. They insist that only they know the heart of of God and only they and their particular church or sect, know the real meaning scripture.They are quick to  judge and damn those they do not think as they do.  They believe  that only they are "Christian" and all others are surely hellbound. They attempt to further their own prejudices  by reciting only the scriptures they like.  They love to fan the flames of hate and discord.  Their blasphemy claims that only the laws of God they choose should should prevail. All else is discounted and anything that negates their agenda is simply ignored. Have they just forgotten that Jesus said the greatest/most important of the laws is love - love your neighbor as yourself?

As you read this I hope you remember we need official recognition, Law,  that would impart to same-sex partners the legal benefits of marriage, such as the right to be regarded by hospitals as their partners' next of kin, to make medical decisions on behalf of their partners, and to file joint tax returns is denied to a large part of our society. The "Domestic Partnership" title is an attempt to cover up an intended double standard. They say it is the same as Marriage other than you can't call it a "Marriage".  That, and many other hidden legalities make it "nothing like marriage in fact" as well as in name. This "newspeak"  pleased some and angered others, resulting in many heated opinions about same-sex unions in specific, and homosexuality in general. 

While this debate continues our gay or lesbian, sons, daughters,sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and friends are a group of people still ostracized and discriminated against. They are regulated to the "back of the bus" as much as any group in society has ever been.  As children of God, created and accepted by Him they deserve the same rights and acceptance that heterosexuals enjoy everyday, for they are just as loved by God, created in His image just like the rest of us. It is best we remember God said, "Judge not that ye be not judged" and He offered no exception to bigots.
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