This is a place to find thoughts about the state of southern hospitality as practiced today, particularly in Mississippi and particularly how it is practiced toward any who dare be different.  Different by color, different by language, different by religious practice or denomination, different by preference for gender of sexual partner, different by preference of dress or simply different by daring to be anything other than a southern caucasian who forthrightly professes straightforward Christianity with near puritanical zeal. 

If you feel yourself to be "different" or at least "enlightened" you may find some interesting thoughts here.

If you identify with those who believe they have the "only way to salvation", you will not find any re-enforcement of that notion here. Rather than getting your dander stirred up, especially if you are the type who loves to write "flame e-mails", please just click to another site.  I love you because our Creator loves you, but I really don't want to be a source of anger for you, nor do I want to read your unhappy rants. 
This site is part BLOG, part prayer, part sharing of that mysterious connection that all living things share.  The Editor/WebCrafter is a male "of a certain age" in body (old enough for MediCare) , a restless seeker in spirit and  of reasonably sane mind. 
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Updated 2017 - May 9